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February 2016
Introduction to STAMP
with Special Guest
Professor Nancy Leveson

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March 2016
How to enhance Bowtie Analysis using STAMP

Note: Sound / Visual quality is rough!

MIT STAMP Workshop Presentation 2016

Original live recording:

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April 2017
CAST Accident Analysis: Runway Incursion Tenerife Disaster 40th Anniversary

MIT STAMP Workshop Presentation March 2017- replay

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October 2017
Air Canada ACA781 SFO Incident Oct 2017: Preliminary CAST Accident Analysis- HCS initial development

May 2017
Towed Target Collision: STAMP Control Structure

January 2018 Series:
Hawaii False Missile Alert Jan 2018

January 2019
Clarification: STAMP, FRAM & Safety II

May 2019
CAST Accident Analysis: V. Brief Overview

June 2019
Learning from Accident Investigations: CAST Accident Analysis (Safety Critical Systems Club)

July 2019
Prelim. CAST Accident Analysis- 9/7/2019 Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Easyjet A320 & KLM B737 collide

September 2019
SaRS Western Branch: Investigating beyond Swiss Cheese - CAST Accident Analysis Overview

October 2019
CRA Risk & Safety Forum 2019: Investigating beyond Swiss Cheese & Dominoes- CAST Accident Analysis

December 2019
Hellenic Air Force Academy Engineering Alumni Webinar Series: 1: CAST Accident Analysis Overviewnalysis

March 2020
STPA + ARP4761: Brief Talk

March 2020
CAST intro: overexposure of patient Lisa Norris during radiotherapy treatment (2006)

April 2020
STAMP Hierarchical Control Structure Model: Overview #Coronavirusā€‹ / #COVID19ā€‹ Healthcare System

April 2020
STAMP Hierarchical Control Structure Model: Overview #Coronavirusā€‹ / #COVID19ā€‹ Economy & Safety

May 2020
STAMP + Coronavirus- UK Emergency Response: Preliminary Control Structure Model Development

July 2020
Systems-Theoretic Early Concept Analysis (STECA) + STAMP: Overview (Autonomous Vehicle Safety)

October 2020
LIVESTREAM- Collision at Sea (USS Fitzgerald ACX Crystal)

July 2021
STAMP, STPA & CAST: Safety Management System (SMS) Design

October 2021
Preliminary STAMP / CAST Accident Analysis: Chemical Process Safety (Vizgag, India)- talk through