Learn how you can use STAMP, STPA & CAST, so you can more effectively control Hazards, prevent Accidents and learn more from real Accidents & near misses.

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Get your specific burning questions answered regarding:

  • Systems Theoretic Accident Model & Processes (STAMP)
  • Systems Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) Hazard Analysis
  • Causal Analysis based on Systems Theory (CAST) Accident Analysis
  • Systems Theoretic Early Concept Analysis (STECA)

The specialist Training & Coaching is applicable to people in all industries / domains, and especially Aerospace, Defence, Healthcare & Patient Safety.

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Hosted by: Simon Whiteley

Simon Whiteley is a System Safety Engineer / Investigator, Trainer & Coach who is passionate about exploring, pioneering & working with people to get fantastic results from the STAMP-based safety assessment & investigation approaches: STPA Hazard Analysis & CAST Accident Analysis.

Tanya Hewitt

"Simon is a passionate dedicated individual motivated to share the potential of the STAMP approach to the greater world. In explaining the fundamentals of control theory applied to safety as well as addressing factors beyond the obvious, he helps to broaden people’s traditional approaches to accident investigation of finding blame. His calm demeanor helps participants wrestle with the concepts without feeling stupid."

David Doull

"Simon’s CAST workshop on the Überlingen collision was really well presented, to a high degree of professionalism and rich in detail. I found his introduction to STAMP and the framing of the methods informative and full of valuable practical tips. He is also a skilled facilitator and creates a positive, learning environment where you feel free to ask any question. Simon’s workshops are a must for anyone who applies or is keen to apply system engineering methods."

Martin Allen

"Systems-safety can be a fairly dry topic, whereas Simon's knowledge and smooth delivery made for a very engaging and interactive session. Furthermore, by employing an actual accident scenario, the benefits of the contemporary CAST investigation method were given proper context. Thank-you Simon for an excellent introduction to an important advance in systems-safety."